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DHAN -STOCK Broker – Dhan is one of India’s fastest-growing technology- and product-led stock brokerage platforms, providing its more than 50,000 active clients with lightning-fast investment and trading experiences till Sep  2022.

Dhan offers zero brokerage on equity delivery. It also provides a user-friendly interface. The platform has various features like 1-Tap Reverse Position, Live Market Scanners, Real-Time Data and Analytics, and Direct Trading from TradingView Charts

If you are a trader, the DHAN -Stock broker  provides you with

  • TradingView charts for direct trading.
  • The ability to pledge shares.
  • Daily & weekly CPR indicators to set up support and resistance.
  • One-tap reverse position that allows users to change their market position in a single order.
  • Transaction Estimator to help calculate the brokerage before placing the order.

If you are an investor, the DHAN -Stock Broker  provides you with

  • Qualitative & Quantitative insights on listed share market companies.
  • Performance and returns tracking of investments using XIRR & CAGR.
  • Invest systematically and regularly via SIP in stocks.
  • Benchmark and track their returns with 12 Indian stock market indices.
  • After Market Orders allows investors to place buy/sell orders for the next trading day.
  • Basket Orders to create multiple orders and club them together.


How to trade on DHAN- Stock Broker 

Dhan Mobile Application

Dhan’s trading and investing platform for mobile devices. Available on both Android and IOS devices. The app allows its users to invest in stocks, ETFs, futures and options, commodities and more.

Dhan Web Trading Platform

Dhan’s trading and investment platform for computers. Dhan Web is a browser-based website that provides similar features to the mobile app.

Options Trader

Options Trader by Dhan is India’s first dedicated Options Trading App by a broker with specific features built for F&O Traders.

TradingView by Dhan

Dhan has an integrated trading experience with TradingView – a popular charting product. Built especially for traders who prefer to trade directly from charts.



Transaction Charges 0.00345% – NSE

0.00345% – BSE

0.00345% – NSE

0.00345% – BSE

0.002% – NSE 0.053% – NSE
Demat Transaction Charges Free
GST 18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges 18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges 18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges 18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges
STT 0.1% on buy & sell 0.025% Sell-side 0.01% Sell-side 0.05% Sell-side
SEBI Charges 0.0001% of turnover 0.0001% of turnover 0.0001% of turnover 0.0001% of turnover
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Advantages and Strengths of this DHAN- STOCK broker.

      1. On Dhan, you can trade directly from the TradingView Charts on all platforms (App, Web & tv.dhan.co).
      2. You can get instant margin benefits by pledging shares.
      3. Dhan has some unique & industry-first features like Reverse Order, Technical Orders, Draft Orders, Webhook Alerts for TardingView etc.
      4. Dhan has a dedicated Options Trading App specially for F&O Traders.
      5. Dhan promises to charge half brokerage for its female customers until gender parity is reached on the platform. This is a means to incentivise female investors.

Disadvantages of this DHAN- STOCK broker that it needs to improve upon.

  1. The Call and Trade charges are ₹100 per trade, which is the highest in comparison to its competitors.
  2. Dhan has no physical branches or offices. This makes account opening difficult for people who are not tech-savvy and prefer using physical documentation for the offline process.
  3. Customers do not get a relationships manager.
  4. Customers cannot invest in Mutual Funds, Sovereign Gold Bonds or any other bonds.
Reviews for Dhan Stock Broker

Charges Review

  • Currently, Dhan is not charging any account opening fees or Annual Maintenance Charges.
  • Their call & trade charges are higher than most discount brokers.

Customer Service Review

  • Email, call and chat support is available and based on past customer reviews, the response is satisfactory.
  • No Relationship Manager is provided upon opening of the account.

Ease of Use Review

  • The platform is user friendly and the user interface is very clean.
  • The app places the user’s portfolio before the market news and gainers/losers section, in contrast to most users’ preferences.

Account Opening Procedure Review

  • The entire account opening process is online which makes the process quite streamlined and quick.
  • Dhan, however, has no physical branches. Therefore, accounts cannot be opened using any offline mode. This might inconvenience the not-so-tech-savvy public.


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