IKIO Lighting IPO: Illuminating the Future of LED Lighting Solutions in 2023

IKIO Lighting IPO

Company Introduction

IKIO Lighting is a leading manufacturer of innovative LED lighting solutions. As an original design manufacturer (ODM), the company specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of lighting products. These products are then distributed by customers under their own brands, allowing them to offer high-quality lighting solutions to their clientele.

IKIO Lighting’s product portfolio encompasses various categories, including LED lighting, refrigeration lights, ABS piping, and other related products. Under the LED lighting segment, the company offers a diverse range of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights, along with drivers and controls.

One notable aspect of IKIO Lighting’s business is its provision of lighting solutions to commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers through its refrigeration light segment. This enables these suppliers to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their refrigeration units with IKIO Lighting’s specialized lighting products.

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Furthermore, the company has ventured into manufacturing ABS piping as an alternative to traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping. This ABS piping finds significant use in plumbing applications within the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. It has gained popularity among IKIO Lighting’s US customers who rely on it for fitting out RVs with durable and reliable plumbing solutions.

While IKIO Lighting’s largest customer is Signify Innovations India Limited (formerly Philips Electronics India), with its strong presence in India’s functional decorative lighting market, the company also maintains a diversified customer base across other product segments, industries, and geographies. Some of its esteemed customers include Western Refrigeration Private Limited, Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited, and Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Private Limited.

IKIO Lighting’s commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality lighting solutions has positioned it as a trusted partner in the industry. By leveraging their expertise and manufacturing capabilities, the company continues to drive advancements in LED lighting and related product segments, meeting the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

IKIO Lighting IPO Details

IKIO Lighting IPO Dates 6 – 8 June 2023
IKIO Lighting IPO Price 270-285 INR Per share
Fresh issue INR 350 crore
Offer For Sale 90,00,000 shares
Total IPO size 593-605 Cr
Minimum bid (lot size) 52 Shares per Lot
Face Value  INR 10 per share
Retail Allocation 35%
Listing On BSE, NSE

IKIO Lighting Financial Performance

Period Ended Total Assets Total Revenue Profit After Tax Net Worth Total Borrowing
31-Mar-20 144.83 221.83 21.41 35.90 46.86
31-Mar-21 174.45 214.57 28.81 62.86 69.36
31-Mar-22 264.87 334.00 50.52 108.87 106.56
31-Dec-22 335.50 332.79 51.35 140.83 136.33

IKIO Lighting IPO- Objective

The Company proposes to utilize the Net Proceeds towards funding the following objects:

  1. Repayment/ prepayment, in full or part, of certain borrowings availed by the Company and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis
  2. Investment in the wholly owned Subsidiary, IKIO Solutions Private Limited, for setting up a new facility at Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  3. General corporate purposes

IKIO Lighting IPO Timetable

Event Tentative Date
Opening Date Tuesday, 6 June 2023
Closing Date Thursday, 8 June 2023
Basis of Allotment Tuesday, 13 June 2023
Initiation of Refunds Wednesday, 14 June 2023
Credit of Shares to Demat Thursday, 15 June 2023
Listing Date Friday, 16 June 2023
Cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation 5 PM on Jun 8, 2023

IKIO Lighting IPO Peer Comparison

Company Name EPS (Rs) NAV (per share) (Rs) P/E (x) RoNW (%)
EPS Basic EPS Diluted
IKIO Lighting Limited 4.31 4.31 11.76 36.64
Dixon Technologies (India) Limited 32.31 32.31 167.92 90.93 19.08
Amber Enterprises India Limited 32.41 32.41 514.70 57.07 6.30
Syrma SGS Technology Limited 4.97 4.97 39.21 63.28 10.29
Elin Electronics Limited 9.59 9.59 74.22 13.91 12.93

IKIO Lighting IPO GMP Today (Daily Trend)

Date Day-wise IPO GMP Kostak Subject to Sauda
Coming soon

IKIO Lighting IPO Registrar

Kfin Technologies Limited

Phone: 04067162222, 04079611000
Email: [email protected]

IKIO Lighting Limited
411, Arunachal Building,
19 Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place,
New Delhi – 110 001
Phone: +91 120 – 4116186
Email: [email protected]

My Analysis for IKIO Lighting. 

Based on the provided data, let’s analyze the financial performance of the company over the specified period.

Total Assets: From 31st March 2019 to 31st December 2022, the total assets of the company increased from 4.83 crore to 33.55 crore. This indicates a substantial growth in the company’s asset base over the years.

Total Revenue: The total revenue generated by the company increased from 21.83 crore in 2014 to 332.79 crore in December 2022. This demonstrates significant revenue growth and suggests that the company has been successful in increasing its sales and expanding its business operations.

Profit After Tax: The profit after tax also witnessed a positive trend, rising from 21.41 crore in 2019 to 51.35 crore in December 2022. This indicates that the company has been able to improve its profitability over the analyzed period.

Net Worth: The net worth of the company, representing the shareholders’ equity, increased from 35.90 crore in 2019 to 140.83 crore in December 2022. This indicates that the company has been successful in generating and retaining earnings, resulting in a stronger financial position.

Total Borrowing: The company’s total borrowing increased from 46.86 crore in 2019 to 136.33 crore in December 2022. This suggests that the company has relied on borrowing to support its growth and operations.

Overall, the analysis of the provided data indicates that the company has experienced significant growth in its total assets, total revenue, profit after tax, and net worth over the analyzed period. However, it is important to consider additional factors and perform a comprehensive financial analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s financial performance and its ability to sustain growth in the long term.


IKIO Lighting IPO: Illuminating the Future of LED Lighting Solutions"

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