IPO Grey Market Premium

The IPO GMP (IPO Grey Market Premium) represents the price at which grey market investors are willing to pay for a particular stock. Grey market (also known as grey market) is a non-recognized stock exchange that allows traders to purchase and sell shares in an informal setting.

Because the IPO GMP indicates the premium someone is prepared to pay, it is frequently used to estimate the price of a public offering’s debut. Although not always accurate, the GMP of some IPOs has reliably anticipated ultimate listing prices.



IPO GMP (₹) IPO Price Estimated Listing Price IPO Status Open Dt Close Dt Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
LIC 40 949 989 open 4-May-2022 9-May-2022 17-May-2022 4-May-2022
Rainbow Hospital 30 542 572 closed 27-Apr-2022 29-Apr-2022 10-May-2022 4- may-2022
Campus Activewear 87 292 374 Closed 26-Apr-2022 28-Apr-2022 9-May-2022 4- may-2022
Hari OM Pipes 10 153 163(6.54%) Closed 30 -Mar-2022 5 -Apr-2022 13-Apr-2022 1-Apr-2022 10:27:34 AM
Veranda Learning 7 137 144 (5.11%) Closed 29-Mar-2022 31-Mar-2022 7-Apr-2022 1-Apr-2022 10:27:34 AM
Uma Exports No Trade 68 68 (0.00%) Listed at @76 28-Mar-2022 30-Mar-2022 7-Apr-2022 1-Apr-2022 10:27:34 AM
Ruchi Soya 65 650 715 (10.00%) Closed 24-Mar-2022 28-Mar-2022 6-Apr-2022 1-Apr-2022 10:27:34 AM
LIC -32
NA Upcoming 29-Feb-2022 09:32:55 AM