Unlisted Shares

Unlisted shares, Or Pre IPO shares also known as privately held shares, refer to shares of a company that are not listed on any public stock exchange. These shares are typically held by a small group of investors or insiders, such as founders, executives, or venture capitalists.

Investing in unlisted shares can provide investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to promising companies that are not yet listed on a public exchange. These companies may be in their early stages of development, and investors who get in early may benefit from significant growth potential. Additionally, unlisted shares may offer investors a chance to invest in niche industries or emerging markets that are not yet accessible through traditional public markets.


PRE IPO SHARES   TODAY PRICE Per share Minimum Investment Research reports
HERO FIN CORP Limited 1180 50,000 INR  Hero Fin corp Limited
HDB Financial Services Limited 730 50,000 INR HDB Financial
Care Health Insurance limited 180 50,000 INR Care Health
Studds Accesories Limited 850 50,000 INR Studds
Merino Industries Limited 3300 50,000 INR Merino
Chennai Super Kings Limited 200 50,000 INR Click here
Lava International Limited 130 50,000 INR Lava Int
Pharma Easy International 25 50,000 INR Pharma easy
Mohan Mekin Limited 1650 50,000 INR Click here
Boat -imagine marketing 890 50,000 INR BOAT -PRE IPO REPORT
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