Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO Review – Should you Invest or Avoid?

Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO– Venus Pipes and Tubes is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on May 11, 2022. Venus Pipes is an Indian stainless steel pipe and tube producer and exporter. In the last three years and nine months, the company’s revenues have increased dramatically. For a similar time period, its margins are also improving. Should you buy in the Venus Pipes & Tubes initial public offering? What are the potential risks in this IPO? Is the IPO valuation appropriate for a 23-crore profit-making company? Allow me to conduct this IPO evaluation and provide a thorough analysis.

About Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO 

Company is one of the growing stainless steel pipes and tubes manufacturer and exporter in India. It has 6 years of experience in manufacturing of stainless steel tubular products in two categories:

i) Seamless tubes/pipes and

ii) Welded tubes/pipes

Under which company is manufacturing 5 product lines, namely

(i) Stainless steel high precision & heat exchanger tubes

(ii) Stainless steel hydraulic & instrumentation tubes

(iii) Stainless steel seamless pipes

(iv) Stainless steel welded pipes

(v) Stainless steel box pipes

Under its brand name “Venus”, they supply Products for applications in diverse sectors including (i) chemicals, (ii) engineering; (iii) fertilizers; (iv) pharmaceuticals, (v) power, (vi) food processing; (vii) paper; and (viii) oil and gas.


Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO – Dates, issue details, Size and Price Band

IPO Opening Date 11-May-22
IPO Closing Date 13-May-22
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Face Value Rs 10 per equity share
IPO Price band Rs 310 to Rs 326 per equity share
Lot Size 46 Shares
Listing at BSE and NSE
Total Issue Size (Fresh issue) Rs. 165.4 Crores

What are the competitive strengths of Venus Pipes and Tubes Limited?

1) Company has international accreditations and product approvals

2) It has a specialized production of stainless steel pipes and tubes

3) Company has multi-fold demand of its products

4) Company with customer diversification

5) It has an experienced and qualified team


Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO

What are the IPO Offer’s Goals?
The IPO size for Venus Pipes & Tubes is Rs 165.4 crores, which will be used for the following:

In order to address long-term working capital needs.
General business reasons
Financing project expenditures for hollow pipe manufacturing capacity expansion, technology upgrades, operating cost optimization, manufacturing facility support, and backward integration.


Who are the promoters of Venus Pipes and Tubes Limited?

Megharam Sagramji Choudhary, Jayantiram Motiram Choudhary, Dhruv Mahendrakumar Patel and Arun Axaykumar Kothari are the promoters of the company.

Financial Track record of Venus Pipes and tubes Limited 

Financial Year ending / Period ending (Amt in Mns)
Particulars FY19 FY20 FY21 Dec-21
Total Assets 791 1,072 1,375 2,463
Revenues 1,205.1 1,793.2 3,120.3 2,782.8
Profit After Tax 37.5 41.3 236.3 236.0
Profit % 3.11% 2.30% 7.57% 8.48%


Venus pipes and Tubes IPO – DRHP 

Key reasons To Invest in Venus pipes and Tubes IPO

1) The company is a fast-growing stainless steel pipe and tube maker and exporter in India.

2) Steel pipes and tubes are the company’s specialty, with international accreditations, product certifications, and a multi-fold demand.

3) In the last three years and nine months, the company has had strong sales growth.

4) Company margins have increased dramatically, from Rs 3.7 crores (3.1 percent of revenues) in FY2019 to Rs 23.6 crores (7.5 percent of revenues) in FY2020 (FY21). It kept the same margins for the nine months ending December 21.

Risk factors in Venus pipes and Tubes IPO

1) The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on its business is uncertain and unpredictable.

2) The company derives a major percentage of its revenue from its top ten customers, which could pose a danger in the future.

3) The company is up against other significant and well-established competitors. If they are unable to compete with them, demand for their products may decline.

4) The company does not have long-term arrangements with its customers for the purchase of its products, nor does it have long-term agreements with its suppliers for the delivery of raw materials.

5) Due to its limited operational experience in the highly competitive stainless steel pipes and tubes sector, the company confronts several hurdles that could impair its future performance.

Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO Dates – Subscription, Allotment and Listing Dates

Offer Open 11-May-22
Offer close 13-May-22
Finalization of Allotment 19-May-22
Initiation of Refunds 20-May-22
Credit to Demat Account 23-May-22
IPO Shares Listing Date 24-May-22

Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO GMP – 

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Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO – Should you Invest or not?

Venus Pipes and Tubes Limited is the fastest growing manufacturer and exporter of Steel Pipes and Tubes in India.

Company generated good revenue growth in the past.

Its margins are improving year on year.

Its issue price is fully priced.

Venus pipes and tubes ipo

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